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Any plans for being able to change Soviet stars/emblems to flags of Ukraine?

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Thank you for your mods. I enjoyed using your WOT mod that allowed a switch from Soviet star to Ukraine flag. Now I can play those tanks again. Do you plan on doing something like that for WOWS for Soviet stars and flags? It would be great to be able to have a mod skin that converts camos to a blue over yellow skin. Thanks for reading this post.

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v.11.3.0 #03 (19-04-2022):
- added screen resolution presets to the Detailed Damage Meter
- added Replace Flags branch with japan navy/ukrainian/taiwanese options [select your replace flag mod again]
- added Lastomer 2.0 [Displaying statistics of opponents] (by BattleFrame)
- moved to the markers branch: Adjustable Markers, A ssistant, Numerical HP on Squadrons, Numerical Remaining Battery on Submarines, Travel Time to Capture Point, Regen Monitor, Spotted Indicator   [select your mods again]
- updated RoTFS UI mod
- updated RoTFS skins
- updated Crooks World
- updated: clan icons
- fixed Server population & resources
- fixed mxCamo

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