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Class panel with hp bars v1 interrupt with caps indicators

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Aslain will fix it in no time. If you are impatient, edit the mod file:




Note: Use the folder of the latest build, that has the biggest build number. As of now for me it's 5450485


Change the HEADER_TEAMS_DISTANCE constant from 100 to 160. It's at the beginning of the file. Should look like this:


(def constant HEADER_TEAMS_DISTANCE 160)


Note: 160 will work when there are three caps, like on your screenshot. For four caps you will need a bit bigger number. Make sure your editor does not change the file extension to .txt when you save the file, it must stay .unbound


That's it.

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I will try to fix this, but first I need to see logs, because it's more complicated when you are installing the other mods, that's why I need to see "the full picture".


edit: I reproduced it, and tried to fix but I don't know how to do it yet.


Capt_Oveur change will move Class Panel v1 more to down, while I don't want it, I want to move the other things down, and keep the panel on the top.

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