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In game communication

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Since I installed some of the mods, I can't point at someone to say I'll help you or Help me. I have to aim exactly at the tank before I have the option to do so.

Before the mods you just needed to point in the direction and you can do that. Anyone who knows how this comes and what to do about it?

I think it is since I use XVM.

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27 minutes ago, br3vstar said:

So is the error in the XVM area?

I already checked it, and commands can be sent, just the dot for them is missing, and it's known since the very beginning, and yes the missing dot is caused by XVM, xvm devs knowns about it, and probably don't care, maybe it's even intended. This is since WG introduced that new radio commands, so it's not something new, it's 2 years old or so, so I'm surprised you didn't know, but maybe you are new to this game or xvm.

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I'm indeed rather new with xvm. But now I turned the xvm panels off and it works perfectly. 

Its not only the dot that is missing. Without the dot, I have to aim exactly on a tank and without the xvm panels I just need to aim somewhere in its direction to be able to give a command. 

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