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Incompatibility maybe ? EVV and Team HP Bar Arm [PMOD]

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Heya 🙂


After talking to Champi on Doscord, I have tried out his EVV mod, liked it and so uninstalled MoE Extended and WN8/EFF Calculator.


Since doing that I have noticed that when changing my screen from windowed to maximised, Team HP Bar Arm [PMOD] does not remain in the middle of the screen. If I start the battle maximised and then change to windowed, the bar moves to the right and when I start in windowed and change to maximised the bar moves to the left.


It didn't used to do that before when I had MoE Extended and WN8/EFF Calculator. The bar remained in the middle all the time.


Many thanks















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No idea, I asked Oldskool to pass the info to the maker of these mods, but I don't know if he did it, so no further info. I can only confirm that there is such compatibility issue. I don't know since when there is this problem.

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