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Vehicle Contour Icons Experimental [DLC] not working

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Hi Aslain,


             Your OTM that is colour code to the type of vehicle using the Experimental [DLC] has not been working since the installment of the last micro patches from 0.9.6 - onwards.

The Real time Achievement Announcer (RTAN) remains displayed after the achievement award and even back into the garage, and as you can see by the screen capture this was the count down start to the next game and it was still being displayed from the last game.


Screen shots attached;


other then that, you do a great job mate.





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Ah, ok, yep thats what I see too, cheers!    :)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Now the OTM use to be in the same colour as the players panel. Just to be clear: HT's = Pink, SPG's = Purple, Med's = Yellow, ect... Now I'm happy to be corrected as it's your mod, but prior to 0.9.7 thats how they use to be, as I have always used your Experimental DLC icons.  Even your screen capture to view the Experimental DLC icons for what you are going to select shows this in your installer.

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Thx  Almace, will give it a try M8 :)


I have tried your suggestion Almace, short story - it worked,  My Bad, Doh! Moral of the story -  Measure twice, cut once.


Appologies to you Aslain, and thx Almace. :( :)


Please consider this issue closed.

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