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AutoAim locking (time snapping) tool not functioning properly

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Autoaim locking works for a couple of times in a new game,  Then on right click, it starts starts showing: <MAG>  instead of the AA it normally would. Not sure what that means but it doesn't time snap any longer when that appears. Tested it with different Auto-aim locking settings (1 sec, infinite): same result. First few times in each new game it works, then switches to showing <MAG> .  Regular auto aim function still works if you right click while reticle is on a tank (but not if <MAG> is showing. if that's showing, then  the right click just turns off <MAG>).


Appreciate all you do mate!  If you can figure it out great, if not, appreciate the effort non the less. 


If you need anything else let me know ! 


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MAG (stands for magnetic) is displayed when a wheeled vehicle is using its own unique way for autoaim snapping (so the mod is not working there), you can always turn off the mod in battle if you think the AAI+ is not working as intended on them. Toggle hotkey is: NumPad 7


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I also have a problem with Auto-Aim though it's a bit different. 


It works correctly for a number of battles, sometimes a few and sometimes after many battles and then it just stops working. 


I press the right mouse button and the "AA" does not appear ... 


I re-install the MODS and everything works correctly again. 


I have collected the logs just after the AA failed.


Thanks for your help 😁


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You have no errors in logs.


I cannot do anything about this mod, bu if you thing that something is wrong with this mod you can always post in the mod thread on WG forums, if you want someone to take a look at your problem. http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/441413-1021-autoaim-indicationaddins-no-proximity-snapping-for-autoaim-but/ but keep in mind the author is long time gone and other modders are fixing it from time time.

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