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XVM under 9.7 - problem with WN8 digits :\

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Hi there


My own customized XVM config has suddenly a problem with displaying the WN8


At the moment it shows way too many decimals, like this:



I've changed the code of line "rating" to "winrate" and it's showing the same decimal's in the win rate...


Dont do any clue what it is if someone can help me i would apreciate a lot.


here is my file.


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You have to define the amount of digits.


For example:


<font color='{{c:t-winrate|#666666}}' alpha='{{alive?#FF|#80}}'>{{t-winrate%2d~%|--%}}</font>





Dont do any clue where to change that...

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You said you made youre own XVM.



Here is an example from youre xvm.xc file:


<font color='{{c:winrate}}'>{{winrate}} 



So change it to be like this:


<font color='{{c:winrate}}'>{{winrate%2d~%|--%}}</font>


Its gonna take a while, Notepad++ has an autofill function though.

Or you could tweak Aslains to youre liking and save a copy for

future updates.

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