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Carousel filter postion is wrong

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14 hours ago, nagymacs said:

See attached picture. The carousel overlaps the filter a bit. 2560x1440 screen. I tried some other config and it kept being like this


Fixed in upcoming modpack but it's worth to try out the other carousel extended, which is imho better choice.

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Some history: Carousel Filter is a copy of an earlier version of the Carousel Filter bar from Carousel Extended, further modified by Ollin. He was kind enough to maintain Carousel Extended for a period of time while I was away from modding. Then he developed his Ship Management mod and dropped Carousel Extended. When I resumed modding I resurrected Carousel Extended and my other mods that were not taken over by other modders.

I did not update Carousel Extended for the release that introduced eco-boosts and skin-only camos and dropped non-combat signals. I thought it was not needed anymore because of these changes in the client, just like mods Demount All, Stingy/Scrooge, signal profiles, camo management, etc. became obsolete. I was wrong. Having gotten some experience with the new features I could see where the pain points were and so I updated Carousel Extended for to work with eco boosts and also added some new features.

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