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New mod request


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i've changed my mind on taipan2, it has lagged too far behind taipan1 to be useful.


i would still like to see my contour icons get out there, as i've had very good feedback from others i've shared them with. 

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weird on taipan2. but yeah, i decided to drop it. it is too far behind in functionality, even though i like the aesthetics of it. 


yep, will update the contour icons regularly. how do i let you know when a new release is available on github? post here? PM?


i'm also willing to help out with odd jobs if you need any help. have a flash decompiler and a halfway decent knowledge of flash and python. 

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I think PM would be the best.


Hm.... if you are saying you can help, then I have a little task :) I tried it myself but somehow fails on it, dunno why since it was working before.


Well, I need to add angles indicator to DamagePanel Gambiter, but when I managed to do it, the game won't start at all...


Shape 351...





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