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Commander, His Skills and Campaign Progress WoT Edition


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I don't think I've seen it in the WoT Modpack yet. Or if ever, I must have missed it. Anyway in WoWs of course there's this mod and it's something I've always wanted. Since I play both WoWs and WoT, I am wondering if anyone would be able to do the same thing for WoT. Even if it just shows the Commander and not the whole crew. Would be nice if something like this is also in WoT. For those wondering, I added a screenshot here from WoWs to show how it looks like in battle in (thanks to whoever made that mod for WoWs BTW). So hopefully someone can also do the same for WoT.

AL Sovetskaya Rossiya1.jpg

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Two mods in my modpack:

- In Battle Statistic with option Crew Skills

- Crew Skills Informer


It will show skills of the whole all crew, not just commander, WoT is not like WoWs and whole crew matters, not just the commander.

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Well my point here actually is to have the Commander's portrait in battle. It would be even better if the whole crew is shown, but that might take a lot of space unless it could somehow be done to fit all of them on the battle screen somehow.

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