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As you are launching the game, look in the top left corner.  This will give you the version of the game that matters. The number shown on the "Game Center" is not the actual game version. 



Notice the red bar at the top of the website "WoT Modpack update to is in progress...".  The newest version currently for download is for

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3 hours ago, Invidslayer said:

The Game version is

And your MoD pack is 1.18.1_10

So my game client will not let me install the mod pack

Ignore that WGC version, it's irrelevant. You can find the real game version in mods and res_mods folders, it will be the highest number there. 


What modpack version means #10 = the modpack is intended for WoT ONLY, and #10 is number of modpack release dedicated for


Wait for new modpack for

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