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the game disconnects from the server frequently

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4 hours ago, michele58 said:

the game disconnects from the server frequently, how can I understand if it's due to a mod ... the game itself ...or my provider, I must say that outside the game I never lose the connection

Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip 308.96 kB · 1 download

could be a combo of  all together, while i would bet it is WG server or the way it routes you to the server.
1 of my clan matess gets disconnected every clan night, he is not using mods and his internet is perfect for all other games and to DL WOT within a half hour.
he tried everything possible and it is still randomly kicking him out at the start of the battle.
so think there is not a real solution for it at the moment, you could try a few things but would not make it to crazy time expensive (since it would probably have the same results).

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