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Platoon Window

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The platoon window is always in the way and I hate it. It is also to Big.

Is there any mods for the platoon window?

If not, are there any way to adjust the size of the window?

It would be awesome if this could be adjusted.

What I think would be cool is if it was at the very bottom of the bar.

I attached a fake picture with the platoon on the bottom bar.

Does anyone else not like the current platoon window?



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Not like I'm platooning a lot but I agree that the window is too big, for "normal" (1920x1080) and lower resolutions.

Putting it all down on the bottom though, that wouldn't work for me either.


There's just so much wasted space in that window, Imo.

Could remove the "leave platoon" button, since you can just close the window and get the "leave?" message anyway.

Putting the "invite player" and "ready" buttons on the same level would also free up valueable space.

Locating the chat between player list and "ready"/"invite player" buttons or just below those 2, might make the whole thing rather small and chat better to read.


Just my 2 cents on the subject, in case there's actually someone trying to make something like this. =P

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You should point it out to Korean Random so they 

could add it as Snippet.

Have not found an option for changing it yet.




  "$delay": 100, // задержка в 100 мсек, чтобы все успело инициализироваться
  "leftPanel": { "state": "none" },          // панель уши левые
  "rightPanel": { "state": "none" },         // панель уши правые
  "minimap": { "_alpha": 0 },                // миникарта
  "playerMessangersPanel": { "_alpha": 0 },  // сообщения чат убитых(кто кого убил)
  "switcher_mc": { "_alpha": 0 },            // панель переключения ушей
  "fragCorrelationBar": { "_alpha": 0 },     // счёт боя
  "debugPanel": { "_alpha": 0 },             // пинг-лаг-фпс панель
  "battleTimer": { "_alpha": 0 },            // время боя
  "damagePanel": { "_alpha": 0 },            // дамаг-панель
  "sixthSenseIndicator": { "_alpha": 0 },    // индикатор(шестое чувство)
  "vehicleErrorsPanel": { "_alpha": 0 },     // сообщения в центре экрана(о снаряжении, командире)
  "messenger": { "_alpha": 0 },              // сообщения(чат что пишут игроки)
  "damageInfoPanel": { "_alpha": 0 },        // ?
  "timerBig": { "_alpha": 0 },               // таймер до начала боя
  "deathZoneTimer": { "_alpha": 0 },         // ?
  "overturnedTimer": { "_alpha": 0 },        // ?
  "drownTimer": { "_alpha": 0 },             // таймер когда тонет танк
  "langBarPanel": { "_alpha": 0 },           // ?
  "consumablesPanel": { "_alpha": 0 },       // панель расходники и патроны
  "vehicleMessagesPanel": { "_alpha": 0 },   // сообщения внизу в центре экрана(о том,кто попал,повредил тебя)
  "teamBasesPanel": { "_alpha": 0 }          // полоса захвата баз

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