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BADoBEST panel doesnt show correct value (mod v14)

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Mod shows wrong values, this mod doesnt work the same as Hakabase did.

Hakabase showed before if someone used 20km or 12km or 8km torps.. this value for that Yamagiri is totally wrong.
It dont know the coding for this mod, but if it's set to ¨general value¨ then this mod isnt accurate, should have been 20km instead.



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On 9/3/2023 at 3:31 AM, Battlenat0r said:

this value for that Yamagiri is totally wrong

It's not totally wrong. It's the range of the Type93 Mod 3 torp. That's what he mounted. Of course he has access to the 'alternative' Type93 Improved with a 20km range but he can select/deselect that many times during a battle so no mod can report if he did that or not.

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