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Player panel is truncating

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I'm having a problem with my XVM player panel truncating the names of people on the small panel as well as the panel when you press tab.  It shows full names and clan names at the start of the battle when I press tab, but truncates as soon as the match starts.


This issue started in v4.3.x of the installer.  It truncates to 10 characters in the small panel and 13 characters in the tab panel followed by two dots, but did not do this before.  I have attached a picture of what I'm talking about and I hope you can help!  Thanks!




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Indeed, I only installed it the other day and this is the first time I had thought of posting about it.


It's just ggravating that I can't see people's full names and clans anymore.  I'm fine with the small one being shortened, but is there any way to see the full names and clans on the advanced tab. I can see everything during the battle loading advanced tab, but then it gets truncated as soon as the 30 second timer ends.

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Select different panels (battle loading and statistic tab) in non-advanced version you have enough space to display full name


You cannot have it all, full stats and full player names. I had to limit names, because they was overlapping on stats, there is no other solution.

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