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Mini Map Crashes the game

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Hey all


I have Aslains Mods like everybody here I am guessing but in the last couple of days when I try to ping on the Mini Map it freezes my keyboard and I have to Ctrl Alt Delete and restart the game and by that time I am usually dead, any ideas?


I have the basic mod and I have the text garbage turned off.

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Fugetsu minimap images are just images, they will unlikely break anything 🙂 It's super simple mod hehe. I guess he has to update this map image.


But.... I have no idea how to tell it to him, forums are gone.

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So the question would be if its in the image itself that you have to change the islands to sit higher up by adding "space" at the bottom and remove from the top or if its in the file: space.ubersettings (\res_mods\spaces\s06_Atoll) that you have to change it?

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