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Mod request : InGame Results Informer (Solo's Mod pack)

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Hi Aslain,


This mod shows the results in a left down corner (chat zone) with the previous battle (when finished) during the game you are playing.


I tried to integrate it to the Aslain installed, but doesn't work.


I updated manually PMOD,json, battleChat.json ... 


In fact i installed only this mod from Solo mod pack to get the proper files.


When i do a "copy & paste" (unless PMOD.json), it doesn't work ....


It seems you are not using the same CameraNode.pyc file.


Have you an idea or is it possible to integrate it to your pack ?


Thanks by advance,




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no, CameraNode.pyc is improtant to be up to date and proper, there is many strange bugged CameraNode.pyc I'm sure that the one with 1156 bytes is correct.


compatibility with my zoom options is problem

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