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tab not working on what it should and use T key to mark doesnt work

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when i press tab ingame instead of show me the player window it unlocks drag and drop to my Moe calculator and ingame statistics. at the same time i cant use the T key to mark on map or target. others in my clan has the same problem after update also using this modpack.


also crew autoreturn dont always work then i need to select the tank again. and it moves the crew very slow. slowe than equipment autoreturn.  but Minor issue just nice it works:-)




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my settings isnt wrong.. nothing change there and have checked them.. when i press tab i got the CTRL function up and no window with crew list and so on like normal.. 


now i have restartet and everything is normal i can mark a target on T and see the interface when pressing tab but the issue will come again i guess maybe its the game doing something i dont know. im not the only one having it and all in my clan have it have mods also..

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had the same issue after updating the game after the recent patch. Happend before I even reinstalled the mod pack. It seems to be a client issue and got resolved through a restart of the pc. Only had it happen twice and it did not happen again after installing the modpack. 


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