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Rudy's Szarik not barking

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have it nailed down to the "Vehicle Contour Icons" causing the problem.



Aslain, could you PLEASE take a look at the .zip files for the reason why ... you would make my three year old niece VERY happy to make Rudy bark without me having to load the stock game up every time for her.



Attached to this post is the "Bark OK" .zips 



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YEAH!!!!!!!!!!   Szarik barks again with mods!         Now I don't have to stop the game every 7 and 1/2 minutes and then make the stock game live to avoid the "ME make Rudy bark" syndrome.   (She is a VERY persistent child/mini-adult.)

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  • Administrator

This time it wasn't my fault.


Some new mod for 9.8.1 must causing it, try without spoter mods maybe?


Alternatively try without gun reload sound mod, who knows, kind of blind shot, but I would like to know the result.

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Szarik barks for my niece no problem with V4.4.13, and I run; UT Announcer, BattleMessenger_Chat filter by Aslain, Gun Sounds by Vito, Gnomefather's engine sounds w/o radio, Hit sounds by Vito, Grandpa's favorite, Destroyed object sounds by Vito, and Sabot UP.


I do NOT run anything by Spoter other then the Aiming Help mods; Server turret extended. (His stuff is just too buggie :( ... ) and I don't use any of the Hanger Mods other then the Carrousel.



MAYBE all you need is a three-year-old to push the button?  Works for me ...  lol

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  • 2 weeks later...

Aslain, you have made my three-yr-old niece VERY HAPPY!  She LOVES the  new sixth-sense "Shark"! She has finally got it that the Tank is Rudy and the dog is Szarik, but the closest she can come is "Shark"...  She finds great humor in that a Dog can be a Shark too!


She has also figured out that the Red Dots on the mini-map make him bark (she likes the three bark the best) so she is always trying to get me closer to a Red Dot, which unfortunately is very unconducive to my Professional Camper style of play. 

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