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i'm not so sure, also this is not updater I was seeking for, this is just downloading whole installer and checking for new versions. The same thing you can achieve with my installer (to check for new version), and then download with clicking on proper link (they are available openly here in my thread) The only thing I will get is no more adly clicks, because people will use this instead, no beer no mods ;)

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I mean that actual in game update check is waste of time. You have to exit World of Tanks go to Aslain's website download update and install it. With my updater you can run update chcek on computer boot or before WoT start, you don't need to exit WoT or wait to open browser.


no more adly clicks

I will try to do that you will get your clicks.

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Not sure how you can make it but it will not give user choice to select click link or direct one.  Here they have choice.


Also not sure how it goes towards adly rules, I think I cannot use automated applications to generate clicks... this is against rules :/

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Yes, this is doable I could create it, it will display some random add in center, and Skip Ad on top right. Question is if the user after clicking Yes to support, will wait 5 sec, to click Skip Ad, only to see thank you page. I would have to display different type of ads there, I don't even know what it would be, research is required..

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