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Arty glitch

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Hey guys I was wondering if anyone else is running into a glitch where after you finish a match playing arty the sites lock onto the screen and follows you back to the garage?..it hasn't always happened after every match till this morning and its getting very irritating.I run the usual Aslain mod pack(great Mod pack by the wat Aslain,thanks for all the hard work with it) and use Jimbos and proarty and also the battle assitant mod,I have tried switching around various site options but haven't found a solution.thanks in advance for any input.Oh and before I forget I have cleared the caches and did the clean install.I will add a screen shot when I catch one this morning.

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Played few battles with these mods you selected , no issues :/


Also I do not recommend to use regular icons with options you selected, pick classical or centered icons, otherwise it will look bad, with wrong icon align over hp bars

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Thanks for taking a look,I did a few changes to the package I use and will give it a test run.I did do some looking around and came across a old post that described the issue I am having perfectly,but it didn't say anything as to what the fix was back then,Heres a link for it, http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/213684-mouse-freeze-and-crosshair-sticking/ Ok thanks again and keep up with the excellent work and happy hunting.

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