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Entry into WoT modding

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WoT is one of the few major games I can think of that uses Python. Python isn't very daunting in terms of syntax, coming from a background with C. I heard Melty's Mod is going to be discontinued and, in addition to various other issues, this makes me want to step up and actually become part of the solution with modding rather than another user just hoping someone does it for me. 


Is there an English WoT modding community anywhere? Most of the major modders I can think of (including Aslain) are not native English speakers and I think a lot of their inter-modder discussions happen in non-English venues. Where's a good place to find modder discussions on things like Python and how/what changes internally between patching? Any other advice outside of familiarizing myself with Python? 

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Very cool, I registered on the roughnecks site, awaiting approval. This might be a stupid question, but without translating that page, is that a Python scripting tool pack? Are they customized tools, like written specifically for WoT modding/scripting? 

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