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Change font?

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Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I'm coming to Aslain's pack from another after so many have sung it's prasies. 


One thing that i'm having a tough time adjusting to is the font on the players panel. (I think I use the Med2 - the one with the players names showing)


Where/How in the .xc files can I change which font is used for the players names on the panels?


I found "<font face='Consolas' size='12'>" in playersPanel.xc a couple of times, but changing that changes the numbers, and not the names. :(


(is this even the right place to make the change?)




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Thanks Aslain.  As many others have commented, great work on this mod pack.  I'd especially like to thank you for finding a replacement for zayaz damage panel!  I really miss using it, but this one gets close!


I've attached my playerspanel.xc. playersPanel.xc


I'm mainly concerned with "medium" (I use the setup with the HP bars with numbers in them, and you might notice I changed the colors of the bars to mute them a little bit and make it easier for me to read)  But I can't see where I can set the actual font for the players names.


Thanks for your help.



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Try to just paste <font face='Consolas' size='12'> infront of <font color in 

mediumpanels "formatLeft" and "formatRight".


Then try different fonts and sizes.

That worked!  Thank you :)

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