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How to change the text in Dikey's Taipan sights

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In the past, whenever the gun was loaded the Taipan reticle showed the word "Ready". Lately, (for the last few mod updates) it shows "ROTOB".


Is there a simple way to edit this text myself? It is not a big deal and I don't want to trigger another mod update for something so trivial.

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Thanks for the quick response. I guess I'm out of luck. I don't know the first thing about editing a flash file.


I only know that the last known "English" version of the Taipan sight was in the v4.4.6 of the modpack. Whatever changes were made to the sight in v4.4.7 altered the words to "Russian."

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If you open Taipan in Trillix and change "dyn text" with english text.


READY:    http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=26227809738009770308



Edit: I have not tried it myself and there are 3 swf-files atleast that

has this word.

You just have to name it right, "dyn text 54" or  "dyn text 57". 

I got this from 9.4


Edit#2:  Well since its text its easy to edit in Trillix. Open Trillix,

Drag swf file from left tree to right column. Click rightside +, find 

texts. Click edit on top and choose text. Choose picture with

ROTOB, change text in lower left corner. Save.

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