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Armour Calculator (own tank)

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I would be a very grateful noob is someone could explain how I should use the armour calculator. I can see that when I move the tank the values change, and at first I thought that this must represent my armour and if I turn a certain way the armour pen value increases or decreases. But I have not been able to see any relation between the values shown on the calculator and the tank I'm using. So what is it about and can I better interpret the changing values?


Cheers in advance.



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As you move your tank compared to the direction you are aimed at, you will see the numbers change.  Straight on, you will see the average effective armor of your front plates.  When you angle your armor, the front value will increase.  As you continue to angle your armor, you'll start to see your side armor being recalculated.  Try to find a good angle that will maximize whichever of your armor is exposed to enemy fire.


Remember that you still have weak spots that will be more vulnerable than your average front armor, including your front drive wheel that is pointed at your enemy.

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