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OTM Reloads and Win 10 - Fix

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As anyone who uses windows 10 can tell you the OTM reloads work but the numbers are just boxes. After trying the provided fonts package on aslains page it still would not work. I eventually noticed there is 207 fonts with a Win 7 install and only 150ish in the font package on the download page. I grabbed all Win 7 fonts from my laptop and installed them into Win 10 and it is once again working with numbers. 


Every time Win 10 updates to a new build you will have to reinstall these fonts


If anyone want to do further testing we can narrow it down to one or two missing fonts in the interest of slimming this file down, for now here is the entire 152mb file font.rar I made using Win 7 




edit by Aslain: added new working link since the one above is deadhttps://www.mediafire.com/?abpyf67ipe1m035

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Leave it to Microsoft to break something as simple as not including past fonts from Windows 7.  This means apparently that some mods use default Windows 7 fonts that are now missing in Windows 10.

Windows 10 is still in development so not all fonts are included yet. The same was true for project vienna and the development of windows 7.

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