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The Streamer Sponsorship Program

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I would like to launch The Streamer Sponsorship Program, for now as beta, to test if all things will work properly.


So If you are a twitch streamer and would like to be presented on the side bar of aslain.com forum, please send application to my PM. Write about yourself, your experience, average users online, and then we will see. 


Here are the general guidelines I look at:

- Average of 100+ consecutive viewers.

- Have a regular streaming schedule of at least 3 days a week.

- Unicum (2350 WN8 or higher)

- Clear commentary

- Answer viewer questions about the game


The only thing you have to do is list WoTLabs on your channel description as a sponsor, with a link to my website (aslain.com).



ps. I'll limit it to certain number of streamers, most likely 10 slots max....so reserve it now until it's available.

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On 7/3/2015 at 3:18 AM, NewYears1978 said:



I tried to start a Streaming channel but my internet just wasn't good enough so I gave up.

Good luck all :)


i know that feel....my internet's too bad too. my stream looks like it's a 144p recording of a VHS tape, recorded with one of those ancient grainy camcorders from the 80s

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