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Aslains_WoWs_ModPack_Installer_v.1.1.6_503 NO training room

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Afternoon guys with the lastest updade from WOW's and your lastest installer c.1.1.6_503 there is no training room, I use this room when I get new ships or just to hone my limited skills and find the training room a great help. Please bring it back. Many thanks mittlie.

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I'm waiting for mod update, don't want to add mods that are bugged currently.

Would like you to add them!

Otherwise the mods will be lost that I like.

You can just add ¨Outdated - Update will come soon¨ ¨Outdated - No longer being supported¨ etc on those MODs that is not a huge impact on storage..

Like Multilined Ship Carousel by Hornethappy worked for me, only issue were the camo. But you SHOULD have the option to install it anyway until there is an update.

And you removed the Ship Contour icons by DeceasedDaisy.... Makes it hard for people like me to find it again when you remove it.

Include them, but put them in a new section called Outdated. Otherwise this will be very problematic for the users!

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