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minimap font

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I don't know how to do it, we have to ask Kvalme on russian forums, since he made it.


I see however some code for font, but don't know what values its accepting:




<deathLog friendlyColor="#30ff30" enemyColor="#ff7070"/>
<minimap moveNumbers="true" moveLetters="true" alpha="1.0" showViewDirection="false" viewDirectionColor="0xffff00" showDead="true" showTarget="false" targetColor="0xAAAAAA"/>
<friendlyIcon showName="true" fontSize="10" nameLen1="10" nameLen2="10" color="0x00ff00" font="_sans" sameDivisionColor="0xffff00" nameDivider="."/>
<enemyIcon showName="true" showInvisible="true" fontSize="10" nameLen1="10" nameLen2="10" color="0xff0000" font="_sans" nameDivider="." invisibleColor="0xDDDDDD" showTargetDirection="false" targetDirectionColor="0xAAAAAA" />
<colorBlind enable="false" enemyColor="0x10eeff" friendlyColor="0x00ff00" sameDivisionColor="0xffff00" teamKillerColor="0xffff00"/>
<!-- showVisibilityCircle - can be one of "none, ship, air, all"-->
<self shipVisCircleColor="0xffffff" airVisCircleColor="0xffff00" showVisibilityCircle="all"/>
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Just for giggles I tried font="Wingdings" and font="Tw Cen MT Condensed". Both worked. I tried Wingdings first because it's included with Windows, and TW Cen MT Condensed I just picked randomly from what I have installed on my computer.




So it looks like if you have some particular font you want to use installed on your system, you can just plug it into the font="whatever" line. If it matters I got the font names via the Windows Character Map.

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