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Massive ingame lags

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Hello, I don't know why, but I am getting massive in game lags. Normally game is going smoothly around 70 FPS, then at some point, lag appears, IDK if some factor like spotted vehicle does it, but it is very annoying.

Everytime it happens I go ATL + TAB and back to game and it disappears. Happens like 3-4 times per battle.

I have freshly reinstalled PC, so I was not overwriting any mods.

Thanks, Ameli.




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Will try defragging, it does not do this in every battle and I do have notebook with 7200RPM HDD. I play on minimum settings but on HD client. I don't have problem with FPS, I have problem with these lags. As I said, they appear somehow not regularly, in some battle I get 3 of them, but then I play 10 battles without them or then I play 3 battles with 1 each game. 

Dunno if defrag will help me, the PC was reinstalled on last friday, but I downloaded lots of stuff since then. 

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