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Problem with mods

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I wonder if there is any possibility of getting put to work the Damagelog along with the log Gambiter damage # 4 (Set the Zayaz style by PapaDigi ) , because I can not select both when I choose the mods to install , then noticed to settle only DamageLog the Zayaz the Control Panel will not show me the damage that took in battle, someone who can help me regarding this issue please ...
I await a response
Hug and good Games


PS I can not write English have to use google translator

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Eu gostaria de saber como é que poderei colocar a funcionar aos mesmo tempo o DamageLog com o Dano Bloqueado pela Blindagem, juntamente com o dano Gambiter log # 4 (Config ao estilo Zayaz por PapaDigi), porque eu só consigo selecionar um de cada e gostaria de ter os dois a funcionar, se me poderes ajudar eu agradeço




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Ready then is it so?
I have Zayaz panel the way it is in the picture 1 and everything is correct.


Image 1



now I want to put what is in the image 2 to work , which did not let me choose when I chose the Zayaz panel.


Image 2



Can you explain to me how I put both to work at the same time , it is that with Zayaz panel installed as shown in the screenshot 1 , I want the image 2 does not work me , and if I install what's on image 2, which is in the picture do not work 1 .

eeu I want the two to work if you hear me help I thank you.


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GambitER log is here:




This gives information in "Image 2":


Damaged.cfg         -->      Can be edited with Notepad++.



       "enable" : true, // отображение элемента (true, false).                    <---------------
       "animation" : true, // отображение анимации (true, false).
       "showPostmortem" : true, // отображать при переключении камеры на другого игрока в посмертном режиме (true, false).
       "position" : {
              "x" : -200, // координаты элемента по оси Х.                            <---------------
              "y" : 8, // координаты элемента по оси Y.                                 <---------------
              "align" : {
                    "x" : "right", // выравнивание элемента по оси Х (left, center, right).
                    "y" : "top" // выравнивание элемента по оси Y (top, center, bottom).
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