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Still not downloading all the mods

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I dont have a problem downloading the Asai mod pack, I have a problem within the mod pac istalation. That is where not all mod pacs are being downloaded. Since that s through the installer and not a browser, dont now why a different browser is suggested.

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Guy,s this has nothing to do with the browser. The problem is in the mod pack, when IT tries to download the packs that I have selected. And since some packs are downloaded, and some are not, it is not any firewall or virusscanner.

I can't read the aslain logs, so I cant really figure out which one are failing to download. But it seems that some files are not where the lin in the mod pack is pointing to.

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Didn;t help, still not downloading all the packs needed. All that are downloaded are contouricons_Wizard_912.7z, hitzoneSkins_Fire_And_Ammo_Rack_BadBoy78_912.7z. and wagon-visibility-mod_by_Locastan_912.7z. Nothing else in the DLc folder. The WWE mods for instance, are not there. The 404 error seems to mean the files are linked incorrectly.

New logs for v.9.12.5


and hy the heck would I use IE or Chrome if I can use Firefox;-)



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Sounds to me like there is an issue with the linking from the installer to the DLC server or insufficient rights to write/read to/from a specific directory. As Grandorf suggested remove all mod related content in all subdirectories and try again. Then run the installer as an administrator and see what happens. If that also fails then there is an issue with the installer itself.

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Did it again, cleaned the DLC folder manually, checked the box for it in the installer, cleaned res_mods, checked the box for clean install, ran as admin, and with the same result.

Last week no issue, since 9.12, same problem with modpack v1, v2, v3, v4 and v5

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