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Editing OTM configuration

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Way back then when the mods were way more simplier and less intrusive than now there was a cool editor to change the settings of OverTargetMarkers, it was avaiable there http://games.nicolasprof.com/wot-mods/overtargetmarkersand later on they also added a complete editor on the xvm website which is now updated.


I *kinda* like the OTM in the modpack but i'd love to remove some data and change the font of it, i have googled a bit around but i really found no info about how to do it.


Is there any guide around about how to change the informations? Thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately as Aslain stated all you get with the available editors 

is "kinda" good looking OTMs.


Best is to stroll over to Korean Random and find a cool looking one 

and use that. 




What you need from their config is markersAliveNormal.xc (and markersAliveExtended.xc).


Then we can tweak them some more together.

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