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minimap symbols

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Lets start with going to:




and open minimapLabelsTemplates.xc with Notepad++.


Scroll down to this section:


    "vtypeLost": {
      "$ref": { "path":"def.defaultItem" },
      "flags": [ "ally", "enemy", "squadman", "teamKiller", "lost", "alive" ],
      "format": "<font size='13' color='{{.minimap.labelsData.colors.lostDot.{{sys-color-key}}}}'>{{.minimap.labelsData.vtype.{{vtype-key}}}}</font>",
      "align": "center",
      "valign": "center",
      "alpha": 75


Does it look similar?

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Hi Aslain,

on the minimap, i can see only names of tanks (unspotted tanks), but not their symbols, as you can see in the attached printscreen. Sorry for my English, and I hope it is not a duplicate topic. 


Delete all XVM fonts from system.

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