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Game insta freezes few seconds after startup

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It is probably definitelly caused by your modpack, because when I open game without mods, it seems to work just fine. Reinstalled, unmarked zj reload, but still doesn't work.


/edit: Downloaded webium modpack, problem not occuring, but I still hope you can help me, I am more used to yours modpack.

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Then why other modpacks with identic mods work?


Are you really sure they are identical? 


Remember that there are they who make the mods and then 

there are sites and members who tweaks the mods or settings.


I know Aslain prefers XVM- nightlies, they could have some 

unknown effects on untested hardware/software setups. 


The only way is to individually test each mod and/or XVM-build 

to see whats the hickup. 

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Will wait for another version, if it will fix it. This one does not work too. So I am sticking to Webium atm. I do not want to test each mod to see which does it. Throughout the versions I was still using same mods, and it worked, now it does not. Dunno where is problem, though the logs will tell you, cause I don't know what they mean, just saw big number of errors.

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