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Extremely new to WoT, have played less than 100 matches. What happens to any left over experience when you move up to next tank? Do you lose those experience points? Is there one site that you can go to to learn the mechanics of the game? How to train crews, how the stats work,how do you move crews, etc. etc. etc.. Like I said I'm a total noob and I really want to learn the game and be good at it. Don't need some idiot on chat giving me crap just because I'm new to the game and I ask a simple question. Ive already been castrated in chat because I'm still using my training wheels! Thank you for any information and insight you all may provide. I guess all the pros forget that they were as green as I am.

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Leftover experience on a tank once it has been researched to "Elite" status, will remain on the tank, even when it's sold. It can then be used to convert to free xp. (That costs gold to do.)


And the best place to find information about a lot of things, is the official wiki Wargaming has:



It has extensive information about a lot of things  ^_^

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Quaksen. I thought that when you have a fully upgraded tank it becomes "ELITE". Currently have 4 lower tier tanks that are fully upgraded but do not show as elite. tried what you said on a T1 that still had about 110xp but Icouldnt convert like you said. Did I do something wrong? One other question, when do your stats show up on the XVM screen at the start of each match? Thanks for the Wiki sight lead, it has tons of info.

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Fully upgraded, as in, also researched the tank next in line?


The top right corner should have a button that lets you convert XP, though it costs gold to do so, mind you :)


As for XVM, did you visit www.modxvm.com and sign in with your Wargaming account, and then activate it? (Sorry if it's a dumb question)

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But you can't convert the XP leftover on the tank, using gold, into free xp, using that bottom in the top right corner?

Is there a lock icon closed on your gold, for example, preventing you from doing so?


Otherwise you might need to add a screenshot teo help me :)

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Ill double check. Did check on tank lines and no US had fully upgraded the T1HMC, went on to the next tank [it sucked] but fully upgraded it , and now have M7Priest which is almost fully upgraded. In German line fully upgraded LTr and went to PZK11 which is also almost fully upgraded. Screenshot,oh my your dealing with a 60 year old guy that can barely use his smart phone try as I may. If you tell me how to do it ill give it the old college try.

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Going by the Wargaming wiki, "The T1 HMC leads to the M7 Priest, and the T18 HMC."

Did you research the T18 HMC on your T1 HMC?


To "Elite" a vehicle, _everything_ that can be researched, needs to be researched.

On a Tier I vehicle, you'll need to research all the modules, and all the tanks it leads to, before it becomes "Elite", for example.

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Quaksen, went back and checked and had not researched T18HMC. Once researched T1 went to elite status. Then was able to convert xp. I get it now, the whole line of tanks has to be researched for previous tank to reach elite status. Pertaining to my other question, do you have to fight a set number of matches before your stats show on XVM?

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