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Wot tweeks


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Hello (Cześć)


Pls add Wot Tweaker i use old version and its not causing any problems for me so maby pls add and sugeest that can cause some bugs so people will install it for their own responsibility.


For me its like playing 15 fps or 60 fps so pls put in again inside.


Grettings and Thx for Best Package of Mods

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I love this mod!


The removal of the "red flash" when you fire is amazing. I am not sure what it is called, but it would be nice to see it back....





I trust aslain will do all the hard work for us!


If it is bugged (I did not notice problems) it is no good.


Rather wait and be safe!

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guys plz gimne 10 days to come back to poland so i can check it. no internet where im atm.

/sent from mobile

Hello again,


Those wot tweeks not working even without your mod pack, as I understood...   Are there any alternatives\alternative mods to disable effects of hitting tanks and\or other effects?




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I have had issues with this mod since it was added back to the installer. Last time I installed it (~5 days ago) it removed all the trees and bushes from the map. This sounds good in theory, but I would run in to trees that I never saw and couldn't tell when I was behind a bush/tree for camo. I had to remove it. It was unplayable that way. 

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