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Tirpitz is a battleship.

Atago is a cruiser.

Cannot really compare the two in any decent way, since they're so different :)


The Tirpitz is a nice ship, I'm definently enjoying my time on her.

Also like the Atago, but not playing it as much (yet) :)

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Depends on your play style.


The Atago is not that good if you don't get howto play IJN CAs, you asking for a paddlin =P


The Tirpitz is great with her turtle back armour its much more forgiving to mistakes in positioning.

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The key point is they are both money makers and well worth the purchase if you are a consistent WoWS player. About the only way I could fund playing my TIX-X ships is with these premiums. I find the Tirp brings in more money, as she is more of a damage dealer all things being considered, since both ships sport nasty torps.

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If I only had money for one of the two ships I would definitely get the Tirpitz. I play both BB's and cruisers with my main ships being the cruiser. Fits my style of play better but I would buy the Tirpitz if I had the money. Relatively fast, accurate, deals out a lot of damage and tough to kill. The Atago on the other hand is pretty easy for me to kill in my Cleveland as long as I stay out of his torp range and use the right shells at the right times.

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