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Win10 taskbar issue

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after installing Aslain's WoWS ModPack via the installer i had multiple issues refering to my windows (win10 pro 64 bit) taskbar.


i can not leftclick the start-button (= windows-key), but i can rightclick it as usual.

i can not rightclick any icons positioned on the taskbar (e.g. for startuing them as admin or the like), but i can still leftclick them.

i addition the starting procedure of my pc incresed horribly from 2-4 seconds to around 30 seconds (time to enter the desktop after typing the personal password.


i am pretty sure this issues relates to the modpack (or any included mod) as all problems instantly disappeared after deinstalling the modpack. it is repeatabel...after reinstalling the modpack problems started again and after getting rid of the pack everything was fine again.


these taskbar issues seem to be "omnipresent", as there are many examples of this behaviour of the system all over the internet and multiple suggestions how to fix it, but in the end (even if fixing works) noone really seems to know which apps or which kind of apps produce such problems.


finally these issues stop me from using the modpack atm. maybe i get the time to check out single mods as i usually use only very few of them. if i can figure out, if there is a single mod that causes the problem, i will report here.


last but not least, ingame everything works fine for me and i appreciate the work u invest into this project. thx a ton!


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I am with u. The source of the described issue can not be the mod. I didnt expect u to solve the problem, i just wanted to let u and this mod-using-community know what i found. :12_slight_smile:


As the issues i have with win10 are identified in correlation with many many different apps (e.g. dropbox and different anti-virus-apps can cause that problem as well) i rather extinguish problems with any kind of interface, that Microsoft (not u) hasnt fixed yet. So again, i dont want to shift the problem onto u. In my special, maybe unique case, deinstalling the Modpack let me get rid of the symptoms, but in the end surely didnt fix the problem itself.


So if there will be anyone in future, who has the same problems, the one may get some infos out of this article...nothing more, nothing less. :10_wink:


Btw...for the ones that see the problem, too...i found that none of the mods itself, but the installer triggers the missing taskbar-functions. So installing the needed mods manually may work fine (didnt test them all, only the ones i use).

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