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Minor UI Change for Install Tool

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I love the tool, it makes it simple and easy to install mods.  I was wondering if you could make Categories collapsible so if someone wanted to install a mod at the bottom category, they don't have to scroll all the way down?  I was also wondering if you could implement a "Clear All" button for those of us who merely want to add a single mod vs reinstalling everything.


Thanks for your work!


Edit: Sorry, I posted this in the wrong forum.  This is for the WoWs installer.

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You can clear the entire list with 4 clicks, and a scroll drag.

The two main sections, click the selection there twice, and everything is deselected.


And for the collapse thing to work, they would have to be collapsed to start with, which would be silly.

And if they're not collapsed to start with, you still have to drag to the bottom, or collapse all sections.


Sounds like more hassle than it's worth :(

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1 minute ago, Quaksen said:

Probably because is still the active version in Europe, and guess where he lives? ;p hehe


Wow.. is this a first. Does not the US lag behind Euro changes? At least in WoT.....

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1 minute ago, Quaksen said:

As far as I know, yeah :P


But for WoWs, it seems the US releases before Europe.


Europe's update to is tomorrow morning (in something like 15 hours or so)

I need to remember to check the Euro WoWs site. They are much better in giving important info like update scheds and patch content.

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Just now, Quaksen said:

Hehe... does NA just go "SURPRISE BUTTSEX, err, we mean surprise update!, enjoy the new update, but hey, we won't tell you what we fixed"? :P

It's worse than that!

It's unprotected!

Butt (heh) seriously, you really have to dig around on the US site for info, and often it isn't there. Next time I'm in Cali, I'm gonna find that office building and see if I can get a tour....

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