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lots or error in python log

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should i disable  my virus software (avira) and firewall when downloading  the installer  and when running the game?? meaning that  it maybe blocking some stuff  or can i set it to allow ? 

my laptop is pretty new  .



ok i disabled my antivirus and firewall did a reinstall of mods ,  entered the game  , played a battle , noticed the game was fuzzy so pressed recommended graphics settings and it set it to low  my fps jumped up to 36 from usualy 18-20.  closed the game and checked the ptyhon logs  , still same errors

maybe im looking into it too much as  everything seems to be running ok when im playing but  heres    latest logs  



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No, you may try it only durring installing, not durring download the installer from mediafire or other hostings.


I cannot do anything more for you, as it has to be done on your side, not here, and every pc is different. GL!

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thanks aslain really appreciate the time you have giving to check things.  i always download from mediafire .

ive done malware scan antivirus scan rootscan etc computer is completely clean , ive totally uninstalled modpack and xvm  and used ccleaner .

i played the game   and then checked python log  and only a couple of errors   .

ive  just done a fresh install of your pack  with cache clean etc  so will see how it goes


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