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illegal Mods

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illegal Mods

Has Aslain or anybody else thought of a mod that would detect illegal mods when they're being used against you in combat?

​It would sure make is easier and more convincing when filing a complaint with WoT.

I'd sure be happy to pay for it if that's what it takes!

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The following is just my oppinion, so take it with a grain of salt.


I simply wouldn't bother too much with it, since it's probably impossible to have a piece of software telling you if a player is using something prohibited or not.

From what I understand, you would have to be able to read data from that player's PC, in order to safely say that something illegal is being used.

Everything else would just be a good guess and can be explained otherwise.


Most of the time, when you think that someone has to be cheating, it's usually due to one of three things (or a combination of them):


1.) The player is simply better than you (better accuracy with the mouse, so they can easily shoot accurately "from the hip" / better situational awareness, so they can easily counter an ambush / etc.).

2.) The player knows something that you don't (game mechanics, spots on the maps, people's behaviour, etc.).

3.) The player just got lucky (blind shots / shooting on the move with very low accuracy and still hit a weak spot / etc.).


If you run into a situation, where you think that the other person has to be using something fishy, then try to explain it with one of those.

You'll usually find one of them (or a combo of them) to be a possible explanation.


The best thing, that you can do about this, is to try to understand what you may have done wrong in that particular situation (opposed to trying to blame someone else for cheating) and see if you can read up on some game mechanics if nessesary.


I don't mean to say that you're not skilled or know about the mechanics but there's always someone better at the things we do and people who know more and use that knowledge to extents, that we can sometimes not even imagine.


Some players can always tell what gun you're using, what their reload is and thus beat you on the reload every single time (without any mods).

Some people also know armor and penetration values for most tanks, as well as viewranges. They can also tell the distance between you and them, without having any mods installed (roughly anyway).

So those people just know these things and play aggressively to max out their gain from having this info without any mods.


And the list could go on but I think that this post is already long enough. =P


Bottom line is, try to have those things in the back of your head and see if you can do anything about it with the way you play.

If you still run into a situation, that you can't explain for the life of you, then check the replay, ask around and consider reporting.



E: Here's the last link, that I've known, regarding illegal mods for NA:


Just so you can check what's actually considered illegal.

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NO, when I get SHOT threw a rock, THAT'S NOT him being better then me

I don't think that that's actually possible though.

What's possible is that some part of your tank was sticking out or you got shot by something else.


Just check the replay and the shell tracer and you should see what hit you where.

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