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Trouble joining Platoons

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I can receive invites to platoons in the garage, but there are two problems:  First, the name of the person inviting is incorrect.  Instead of their actual name they are named "Enemy".  After I click Accept to join their platoon, I am not taken to their platoon.  In the Notification Center it says that I have accepted the invitation to the platoon and the name has changed from "Enemy" to the correct name.  I am not often in platoons, the last time I joined from the garage was one or two versions ago probably...but definitely since 9.15.


In battle Dynamic Platoons seem to work fine.


Thanks in advance



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A bit of wild guess, but maybe it's XVM, could you try without it?


Noticed also this suspicious log entry:


ERROR: [ERROR] (scripts/client/messenger/proto/xmpp/log_output.py, 52): XMPP_PY::GENERIC. Error has been received on requesting nicknames (ClientError(error=NOT_CONNECTED),)


Could you also show your XVM.log?

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