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Annoying Features Remover


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Any chance of having these implimented into your mod. Made by "RelicShadow";


[0.9.3] Silenced Spotting Sound (v1.2.4)

[0.9.3] Transparent Camouflage (by camo pattern) (v1.1.6)

[0.9.3] Transparent Camouflage (by tank) (v1.2.7)

[0.9.3] Transparent Clan Logos (v1.7.4)

[0.9.3] Transparent Nation Decals, Stickers & Inscriptions (v1.3.8)




Can not remember this author, so apologies;


NO DECALS+Markings+NoCamo_Mod_V0.9.x :)

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Annoying Features Remover is what it's called - it's tittle. So could you please put back in the Annoying Features Remover, which consisted of:


a. Transparent Camouflage (by camo pattern), - (sorry I see Artsan, 'No Camo' is already installed)

b. Transparent Camouflage (by tank),

c. Transparent Clan Logos, and

d. Transparent Nation Decals, Stickers & Inscriptions.



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