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statisticForm.xc clan icons not staying with tank in battle

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When using clan icons or personal player icons for players, the icons do not stay with the player and instead move position around during the battle.


For example:

This is how it appears at the start of battle:



This is how it appears toward the end of battle:



As you can see, the two players in the clan 5LINE now have their clan icon all over the right side of the screen.  Also the clan icons on the left side do the same thing.


I've had this issue for multiple versions of Aslain's mod pack since 9.17 was released and thought it might go away with each XVM update.  However the issue persists.




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Does it happens in replays too? Please attach the one from picture, or send me in PM if you don't want it in public space.


It might be a bug in XVM, in this case you may try to report it on XVM forums: http://www.koreanrandom.com/forum/forum/57-xvm-english-support-and-discussions/


Have you tried default XVM panels? Try if possible.





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When I use your original config with t-hb%2d~h|--h instead of t-battles|---- I have the same issue.  


When I use the standard config included in XVM that I download XVM from the modxvm web site I don't have that issue.


When I use other XVM configs that use clan icons and player icons I don't have that issue.

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