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Radial Menu mod - workaround version

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First Aslain thanks for all your hard work and willingness to share it.


Secondly apologies if this is the wrong place to post this.


I noticed the latest patch doesn't have a Radial Menu mod.  I went to Locastan's site on the EU forum and it appears this patch seriously changed the chat system which affected the mod.  He later indicated he fixed it, but subsequent posters state it's still not working.


I found a working version (I've used it for several games without issue), but the file path has changed considerably which is what I'm guessing the problem is as Locastan's download still has the old path.  But again I haven't tested his latest version.


Here's a link to a thread by me on the NA forum (different game handle btw).  Again this is a workaround and a bit convoluted.  Hopefully this'll help you/etc...  to get it sorted out and maybe package it appropriately.




Again Aslain thanks for all your hard work.

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Aslain if for some reason you need or want the original sources .xml file advise me here or via PM and I'll upload it to Mediafire separately.  But I'm guessing it's probably not an English version, so I replaced it.  Or if you want my working .xml file advise.  But be advised it's from 8.11 (but it's been working in 9.4 and every patch since 8.11) and VERY customized in regards to the menu messages.

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