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Minimap with ship names + direction and ship names

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Voice Chat stopped working

This issue is under investigation.

Selecting "Type SH Submarine" and search for Division hangs the game

This issue is under investigation.


  1. Close the game client. Please wait at least 15 min to open the game again.
  2. Please, do not search for Division with the submarine selected.

Game controls malfunction both in port and battle

This also includes: UI elements disappearing (reticle, markers,etc), non-clickable areas, not working shooting, camera movement and so on.

This issue is under investigation.

Potential Workaround

  1. Restart of the game client. Use Alt+F4 if necessary or the Task Manager to kill the process WorldOfWarships.exe
  2. Open the game Launcher and run an Integrity check
    • Launcher settings -> Support -> Check


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