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mouse wont register when holding ctrl

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when ever i try to accept a dynamic in game platoon invite, try to ping the map or even hover over to see my tanks shell pen my cursor shows up but it acts as if him not clicking or hovering over at all. i cant even change the player panel size. 


screenshot showing cursor over ammo and nothing popping up same thing when i hover over player panels too


hope i did this right my first time sending in a log for an issue.


EDIT: safemode makes everything work just cant figure out what mod(s) is causing my issues :(



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17 minutes ago, Aslain said:

For now I can tell it's probably related to XVM.

yea i just changed from solo OTM to bones OTM and i am able to ping the map and interact with the team list panels its still wonky when hovering over ammo as it only works when i hover over apcr ammo but as long as i can ping the map and accept platoon invites im good :)

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9 hours ago, Draco912 said:

are you using solo's OTM like i am? if so we may have found what could be causing the issue hopefully it might get fixed in time.

No I don't use it

9 hours ago, Aslain said:

It's caused by Display Team HP on the battle interface but might not be limited to it.

I don't use this either

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