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Sessions stats not working and cant review past games results from lower right tab

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Since patch 05  for 9.19  I lost the ability to see the sessions stats  from the right hand tab. I started the game in safe mode and the last battle results are available but with the Mod  nothing. I tried 3 different session stats from your list and it still doesnt work . Thank you for your help in this sir. The python log and screen shots are attached. The game with the T1 was played with the mods on but it showed nothing and the game with the teterach was with  out the modsshot_016.thumb.jpg.67e9ba40f63eac6cd1951d7a14bcb54f.jpgshot_015.thumb.jpg.32b6a0257a447c3c09fbb8dd92ee8edd.jpg mods


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'Till yesterday I had the same problem. This morning I installed the latest version of the modpack and the battle session stats of the latest battle are showing again in the right down corner.


Thanks for fixing this. ;)


Snap 2017.06.03 - 003.png

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