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RESOLVED: Shells and tracers for 6.5.1+ scaling/stretch issue

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I can't be the only one who has issues with all the known shells and tracers not functioning properly after 6.5.1, i think it's because the shells have a bigger width now, adding these flaps/wings you see on the standard HE/AP icons.

So a standard Trail_smoke.dds 1024x128 texture such as the ones in Aslain's pack, the trail is shorter/weird and it is stretched in what would be height in the .dds.

I've experimented creating new resolutions such as 2048/4096 x 128/256/512 but with little success. But i've seen a little improvement in shrinking the height of the actual texture, with works "ok" with a standard smoke trail.


As for the shells the .primitives aren't working right either, and colors of the shells also seem distorted.

Even using the standard shell as i'm back to now, sometimes when the shell is a certain distance away from the camera it turns in to a stretched out shell sized red/blue pixel using my solid red HE, blue AP colors.


I've reinstalled since i haven't heard much chatter about this, but even with a fresh install i see issues..


I've included a couple of screenshots.

In the last one especially you can see that the trail is stretched beyond the shell even.





Figured out the problem on my own, thank you very much.





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